It’s all Jono Bacon’s Fault

He doesn’t know this of course so you can’t really blame him.

See I’ve been been using Linux, sorry GNU/Linux, on and off since about 1998, though more off than on, (until about 12 months ago (K)ubuntu entered my life quickly became the only O/S I use at home) but I was just a passive user, happy to reap the benefits of other people’s hardwork without paying a penny.

The day job is as a Unix systems’ administrator so I know the benefits of Unix/Linux but I don’t seriously try to show my Windows’ work colleagues why it is better.

Then I went to the UKUUG‘s Linux 2006 conference and heard a talk by Jono Bacon about Linux Advocacy. This was a great talk, informative and funny and it got me thinking about ways I can give something back to the community. Of all the various ways and means Jono suggested the simplest was “blog about it”.

So here I am with my blog.

As a result of hearing Jono’s talk I’ve become a subscriber to the excellent (and profane) Lugradio Podasts and I’ve just this minute (well 4 hours ago) returned from Lugradio Live 2006 my second ever Linux/OSS related event. Lugradio Live was an excellent event and I really wish I could have been there for both days but I had to spend most of Saturday watching a backup and a restore of an ftp server at work go horribly wrong.

I’ll be writing more about Lugradio Live very soon.


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