Lugradio Live 2006 Part II

So after lunch came the

Hour of Power

This was presented on the main stage and was a series of quick presentations about stuff that was particularly cool, funky etc. In the style of hour and power I’ll try and just briefly highlight what was presented. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the names of all the presenters and they were not in the printed programme so apologies if I didn’t get someone’s name right, or even get it at all.


A guy from MythTV did a demo of their Personal Video recorder (PVR) system. One of the main points he made was the idea that everything must be easy to do with just a remote control ( i.e. using an onscreen keyboard when typing search tags etc. ) Unfortunately he was hampered in showing this by having the large screen behind him but the remote receiver in front of him. MythTV does seem to have some nice in-recording editing features.

The Demo Scene

Dotwaffle presented a whole new world to me, that of the “demoscene“. Born out of little graphical and musical displays “crackers” used to put at the start of ripped off Amiga games there is now a whole, well “sub-culture” comes to mind, for these amazing displays of graphics and sound coded in at most 64K. You have to see them to believe them.

Linux Arcade Machine

This northern chap had brought his home built full size arcade machine down powered by Linux and running the MAME emulator. With over 5000 classic arcade games to demo he was something of a star of the show.

Linux on NintendoDS

This was Pepsiman, I think, working on an interesting project that has a kernel running on the DS, sadly the video camera the guys had would not talk to the projector so we couldn’t all see the DS display up on the bigscreen. Though it is still a “because I can” project there is a lot of potential for a device like the DS running Linux.


Mirco Müller presented his new way of document handling called lowfat. It is an impressive display of graphical processing but I think for certain applications it could present a genuinely improved user experience. As Mirco said he’s been watching Minority Report too much but that is definitely where this sort of thing could go.

After the hour of power was Women in Open Source, but I’m going to actually save that for another post as I think it deserves more time devoted to it. So the final talk I attended was….

Ruby on Rails

This was presented by Elliot Smith and was a basic overview of Ruby on Rails and how he, as a former PHP web developer became involved with it. It was interesting overview and he used an extended metaphor throughout the talk based on Ruby being a woman he got involved with. As someone who has never done any web development I was interested to hear how powerful this framework was and maybe I’ll have a dabble one day. It was a well delivered talk and I liked his style I wish he’d had more time to actually show Ruby strutting her stuff. I also discovered OpenClip Art as a great resource as he had used it in his talk.

So that was Lugradio Live 2006. It was a great day, really great. My hats off to all the organisers and presenters for all their hard work. I think they’ve spoilt me for any other Linux events I go to. I’m going to expect them to be as good as this one.


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