Open Source on Open University Course

I’ve just renewed my acquaintance with the Open University by starting a course in web design. The course is TT280 .
The course has various elements that require the use of a PC that can run Windows which although understandable is kind of ironic given the nature of the web and the name of the university.

I am endeavouring as far a possible to use my (K)ubuntu system to complete the course and thought it would be of interest to note what things I had to do to be able to use FLOSS for the course and where I had to use some proprietary bits. I hope to be able to collate all this information at the end of the course (12 weeks away ) and perhaps present it to the OU so they could post it as a guide for other people who want to try the course using a Linux based system.

For those things that I definitely need a Windows system for I will be using VMWare Server and running a legal copy of Windows XP in that. I installed the VMWare server using the instructions from here.


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