Meawhile…..Sametime Kopete Krash

No it’s not the narrator of the 1960s/70s Batman about to switch to the Joker’s lair. Meanwhile is the name given to the open Source messaging protocol and library that works with Lotus’s Sametime messaging system.

I use (K)ubuntu at work on my laptop (more of which in another post) and I use the Kopete messaging client to talk to people in other offices over our Sametime network.

However it appears that my life is starting to mirror LUG radio podcasts. In their most recent episode they discussed the issue of applying upgrades and how much trust you have that they won’t break your machine. At the time I thought well I have a great deal of trust in (K)ubuntu and generally have a quick look at the list of upgrades to see how long they’ll take to download and then apply them there and then if I have time.

So it was on Thursday that I applied an Kopete upgrade and then found that whenever it tried to log on to the sametime server using the Kopete-Meanwhile plug in it crashed, if I un-installed the meanwhile plug in it was fine though not much use as only one person is on my little jabber server.

This was a real pain for me as I use Meanwhile/Sametime in my work a lot as it saves time with email ping-pongs or telephone conversations that mean both parties are tied up 100% for the duration.

Further following the lead from LUG Radio in a prior episode I thought I had better do the decent thing and contribute so I decided to report this bug. Having searched a few forums and not found anything similar I posted my very first Kubuntu bug. Here it is number 65640

Here’s a few things I found whilst investigating this problem:-

1) If you want to get backtrace info from the KDE Crash handler you need gdb installed:-

sudo apt-get install gdb

2) The bug I found has been in the KDE bugtracking system since August:-

I guess not many people use the Meanwhile plug in so there’s not urgency to fix it and I’m guessing the Kubuntu team didn’t think it was a major issue when they released the update.

3) You can get a working system again by installing the the beta .deb package for Ubuntu from here

Download and apply with dpkg -i kopete_0.12-beta1-dapper-1_i386.deb

Note this will use a different look and feel to Kopete, though if you want I guess you could apply the Kubuntu theme to it.

4) I could not find any simple way to undo the package update I had installed that broke this in the first place.

I knew I could install a specific version using sudo apt-get install kopete=x.y.z etc. but the only version that seemed available was the current one which was bust.

I feel sure I’ve missed something obvious here and there is an obvious and simple way to roll back an update but I can’t find it at the moment.

If anyone can point me in the write direction you’ll have my eternal undying gratitude.

I shall be keeping an eye on the progress of my baby bug and see what becomes of it.


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