Practise what you preach….and write it down

Over the last couple of months or so I’ve been using Kubuntu on my laptop at work. I thought it would be a good way to find out if Kubuntu can really hack it in a commercial environment specifically an almost completely proprietary Microsoft one. I administer HP-UX servers so I connect to Unix systems all the time and aside from anything else it is just easier to manage that connectivity from a Linux based system.

So while no-one was looking I set up my Toshiba Tecra P4 256MB 40GB system to be dual boot with Kubuntu Dapper. I encountered quite a few little hurdles to overcome to get the system doing everything I could when it was booted in Windows XP but was able to sort them all out. I had the idea of write a series of posts on what I had to do to tweak Kubuntu so other people could perhaps find the answers easier and quicker than I did and of course it would be a handy reference for me whenever I wanted to do this again.

Well you know how it goes one thing came up then another and I never got to writing stuff down; and serves me write too. When I got my new company laptop, a Dell Latitude 520 Intel Core Duo 1GB 40GB, I found I was floundering around to work out how I did some of the stuff I did before.

So this time I’ve made notes of all the steps I’ve taken to get Kubuntu working how I want and I’m going to post them here over the coming days and/or weeks. In an unusual attempt at brevity I’ll do a separate post for each item. Watch this space………


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