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Cyrillic Russian Keyboard – A Solution

Posted by raetsel on January 13, 2007

Well thanks to some help from Tim Fennel via a post I made to the South Birmingham Linux User Group mailing list, I have been able to achieve what I wanted. I am now able to use my Russian keyboard, type in a vowel and then by pressing the Right-Ctrl key and the apostrophe an acute accent is added over the vowel (о́ а́ е́ ы́ ю́ ) as it happens I can now put the accent after any character.

I notice they show up a little too far off to the right here and on other websites. I think this is an affect of how HTML interprets the codes when I post them, but where it matters for me i.e. KDE apps like KWordQuiz they display perfectly.

Following some info from Tim I experimented with a few things and came across this really useful guide by Daniel O’Donnel about keyboard layouts and xkb.

I won’t tell you all the dead ends and time I wasted, the solution came down to this:-

  • I added a third level chooser value for the apostrophe key in the layout file by changing this line :-

key <AC11> { [ Cyrillic_e, Cyrillic_E, ] };

to this

key <AC11> { [ Cyrillic_e, Cyrillic_E, U0301 ] };

U tells xkb it’s a Unicode value that follows and 0301 is the hexadecimal value for a Combining Diacritic Mark for an acute accent.

  • Finally I set the Right Control Key to be the third level chooser key in the KControl Regional & Language settings under the XKB Options tab of the Keyboard Layout section.

Some things I found out the hard way are :-

1) Don’t call your keyboard map anything with underscores in as this is seebs to be used for variants of keyboards. ( I had initially called my new keyboard map in a file called ru_sjs and this kept erroring ).

2) Don’t test your results in a Konsole or other terminal session as this will add another layer of complexity as the terminal emulation can strip of codes etc. use a GUI KDE app or Open Office. (Oh how I laughed when I found out I’d solved the problem an hour before but I was not testing it in the right application.)

Even if you don’t have fancy requirements for non-latin alphabets using the techniques above you can have access to accented English letters for peoples names or borrowed words in English.

Touchе́  Turtle Away!

6 Responses to “Cyrillic Russian Keyboard – A Solution”

  1. mjjohansen said

    Could you post your /etc/X11/xkb/symbols file?

  2. raetsel said

    mjjohansen, I don’t really have the option to post the file here as an attachment and at 185 lines long it would make a very dull comment.

    However I have mailed you a copy to the email address on your blog. I hope that is ok.

    The file is just the standard one I got by installing the Russian ru in KDE and then changing that one line.

  3. mjjohansen said

    Спасибо большое.

  4. raetsel said

    Не за Что! (Don’t mention it.)

  5. Backie said

    Dude can you mail me a copy too?

  6. raetsel said

    On it’s way backie.

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