Birmingham Linux User Group Meeting

Today I attended the January meeting of the Birmingham Linux User Group. ( Note that we have changed name from the South Birmingham LUG now that the defunct Birmingham group name has become available. [ Note also that after only attending 3 meetings and a half dozen posts to the mailing list I say “we” ] )

The core of the meeting was a talk by Clive de Salis about setting up a home or small office network for file sharing and printing. The talk was well presented and the approach he had taken for a group of three users in a small business was interesting. The printing set up was a fairly standard CUPS installation, but the filesharing was achieved by using sftp over sshd and users had book marks in Konqueror to be able to access each other’s areas to transfer files.

There was a good discussion of options and the pros and cons of various approaches amongst the group (about 10 of us).

Clive’s day job sounded particularly interesting as he is a chemical engineer involved in process safety work relating to dust explosions and in a preamble to his talk he showed us some interesting pictures of explosions and regaled us with a tale or two in the bar afterwards.

I look forward to the February meeting.


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