Kopete Bug? What Kopete Bug?

Back in October I posted an entry about a bug I had found with the kopete-meanwhile plug in for kopete that allows it to talk to a Lotus Sametime server that I use at work.

Well the other day I got an update on the bug posted at Kubuntu. It said the bug was rejected as kopete-meanwhile was no longer in the archive. I don’t get what this means. I’ll have to check at work where I have a dapper machine but I have edgy at home and that has kopete-meanwhile still as a valid package and I’m pretty sure it is still there in dapper.

I know that kopete-meanwhile is in the “universe” repository so not in the definite core of what the long term support of Dapper is al about but even so it’s a bit disappointing if a tool for talking to a corporate system really has been removed from the archive for Dapper.

Meanwhile (pun intended) the original bug languishes unloved in the KDE bug tracking system.

If I get chance I’ll check the repositories on my dapper machine on Monday and report back.


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