Brum LUG Utility-fest

Last week was the Birmingham Linux User Group meeting for February and the format was a utility-fest where there were several short(ish) presentations about particular applications or utilities. The runners and riders were:-

Zeth Green – The (S)BLug Website and IRC

Zeth showed the new layout for the LUG website and the views feature on it that is a blog that can be posted to by anyone who knows the answers to the magic questions that authenticate users.

He also spoke about the IRC and NickServs work and we agreed (sort of ) to have an IRC meet on Wednesdays from 20:00 – 22:00 on #sblug

Quentin Wright – Essential Utilities

Quentin gave a talk based on a quick introduction course he had run recently. It went right back to basics and talked about the common directory structure /var /etc etc. and what was in each and looked at the basic commands like mv and cp as wellk as bash auto-completion.

Although I think most people were familiar with the content it was interesting to hear people’s comments about what they understood to go where in different distros. One area of discussion was what was in /sbin which I have always understood to be statically linked version of commands that can be used when the /usr partition is not available.

Me – Introduction to Awk

I did my ten minutes and was pretty pleased with how it went. I felt I had done my usual trick of speaking too fast but having heard it played back from the recording that was made I think the pace was ok. I had some good questions at the end.

The slides from the talk are available as well as the audio recording. (Also as an MP3)

Richard Starkie – Installing Joomla

Richard gave a live demonstration of installing the Content Management System Joomla on to an Internet site and showed how to apply themes to change the look and feel of a site with a couple of clicks.

All in all it was a very enjoyable evening and well attending ( about 15 of us I think ) including several new faces.


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