A year on the blog

Well July 23rd 2007 was the 1st Anniversary of this blog so here are a few facts and figures and a bit of a reflection on what it has meant to me.

The stats:-

Posts = 38

Comments = 38

Views = 5540

Most Views in a Day = 731

Average Days between Posts = 9.6

Average Views Per Day = 15.17

I started this blog as a very small way of making a contribution back to the open source community and in the last year I’ve also become involved with my local LUG and PUG.

I’ve enjoyed writing my blog but I have felt I should have posted more often. I find it quite time consuming writing posts, partly I know because I am so verbose, but also because I like to cross reference links to the things I blog about and it just seems to take me a while to track things down sometimes.

I like to see the graph of the number views of the blog each day that I can get with wordpress, but what I like best of all is getting comments on my blog, especially when people say that my posts have helped them. I guess this is the same with all blog writers.

So what will the next year hold in store for the blog? Well hopefully more of the same and I will try to make posts more often. I have plenty of things I’d like to share about hints and tips I’ve found or experiences I’ve had with Linux I just need to make more of an effort to write them down.

Overall I’d give myself a C- [ Could do better ]


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